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    You Built IT,
  Now Drive IT!


we've all been through it. the spending, the wrenching, the late nights, searching out websites for rare parts, we've all been through it. throughout the process, how many times can you say you have  truly driven your car to its limit? found its peak? This was our thought process when we established GutterBall Rally! to get out and enjoy the cars we love, own, and build. Our goal is to create and for you to participate in, THE BADDEST RALLY ON THE EAST COAST!! it doesn't matter what you drive!! as long as you enjoy it!! Along the way we want to bring you some cool interviews, broadcast from dope car gatherings and shows, and most importantly, showcase some of the baddest cars on this side of the Globe!!so take a ride with us, GBR (Gutterball Rally for short!) and bring that beauty out and tear up the tarmac! After all,


Ya'll know him!! its Pop Da Bearded one!! if you see the big beard around these city streets, wandering around car meets, asking owners what propels them to drive what they do...its usually this guy right here!

Born and raised in NYC, Bearded 0ne ( a nickname he cant seem to shake) knows a thing or two about cars.

(add fast and furious puns here) after being around the autos for many years, even trying his hand at his own build or two, or three or....(well you get the picture) He always felt that their was not enough representation in the culture. With the onslaught of politics controlling the way that Car Guys and Car Girls world wide enjoy their hobby, Pop along with his co-host SI Shawn decided it was time for the auto-world to have a new news source...but not just any source. A place where you could get a little bit of auto knowledge, learn a thing or two and actually get a laugh doing it!! The bearded one is all about automotive experiences, which is why he is also one of the founding members of

THE GUTTERBALL RALLY! a drive that is linked to good times, great cars and great memories!! so if you see em' in the streets or anywhere autos are just yell out YO POP WHAT IT IS!! and show love, because that's what he's all about!!!


Welcome to the GBR community. Who am I you may ask? I’m SI Shawn, your go to guy for all your automotive needs. Since I could walk, I have had interest in motorsports. It provided me with a creative and exhilarating outlet. As a certified automotive technician specialist, I am here to bring you all kinds of specs and make your car journey informative and seem less. Vehicles are one of the things in life that are in their purest forms & I could get next to that. 

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